In this set of materials, the reading passage mainly focuses on the brainstorm groups are not effective for companies while the listening material casts doubt the notion stressed in the reading passage.

  • Imaginative, valuable and creative solutions

   First of all, the reading argues that although intensive using of brainstorm groups, their positive performance is not proved by researches. On the other hand, the listening passage reports that it can be more effective if design well. Despite solo workers produce more idea, quality of idea is more important than quantity. Brainstorm groups are more imaginative, more valuable and find more creative solutions. This refutes the first claim of reading passage.

  • Team make it better

   In the second place, the reading passage states that brain storm groups are also less creative. According to researches, solo brainstorms generated twice as many original and valuable ideas. On the other hand, the listening passage reports that no matter how many idea they found, important point is finding the best idea. Team make it better. They generate idea and evaluate idea with discussing on it. This refutes second claim of reading passage.

  • Conflicts help the group

   Last but not least, the reading passage contends that the lack of opposite ideas is cause of conformity in many groups. On the other hand, the listening passage reports that a group should include members who have different knowledge and perspectives. Conflicts help the group to generate opinions and original ideas. It can be possible with a careful design. This refutes the last claim of reading passage.

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