In this set of materials, the reading passage mainly focuses on create a space tourism industry not only benefical for science, but also public, while the listening material casts doubt the notions stressed in the reading passage.

  • Makes it more affordable

   First of all, the reading states that space tours make space flights more affordable. On the other hand, the listening passage reports that it is out of possibility. Its cost  increase because when goverment make it private, a control system and an operation system will be necessary for a safe traveling. New ships which modify to tourism, require tests and retests.  This refutes the first claim of reading.

  • Helps scientific discovers

   In the second place, the reading passage argues that space tourism can help more scientific discoveries. On the other hand, the listening material reports that it will have a negative affect to scientific work. The government hires the best engineers with the highest salaries. There is no way that commercial staffs can do scientific observations on the space. So, it preserves scientific discoveries. This refutes the second claim of reading.

  • Decrease goverment pains

   Last but not least, the reading contends that costumers pay all expenses which is paid by government before. On the other hand, the listening passage reports that there is no way to work this theory. There will be huge place to control and government will be responsible from it. Thus, government should have so crucial budget, billion dollars, to control all the stations. Tax plays indispensible role to space researches. Government will lose this money and pay more to space tourism which has no help to science.

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