In this set of materials the reading passage mainly focuses on teleconference has a lot of advantages while the listening material casts doubt the notions stressed in the reading passage.

  • Practical way to communication

   First of all, the reading passage argues that one of the most indispensible benefit of  teleconferencing is being practical. On the other hand, the listening passage reports that it is not convenient. Trade is an international event. It is not special for Americans. They do business with different cultures and face to face communication is vital for most of the cultures. It is symbol of respect. It is also same for international employees. So rushing does not always help to increase business relationships. This refutes the first claim of reading passage.

  • Saves money

   In the second place, reading states that teleconferencing helps companies to save money. On the other hand, the listening passage reports that although they talk about hotel, ticket cost almost 40 million dollars, never touch on system’s cost to communicate better. Companies need to upgrade internet connection and high tech computers. Its cost maybe higher than traveling. This refutes second claim of reading passage.

  • Connect different cultures

   Last but not least, reading contends that thanks to teleconferencing they are able to do some brainstorms about business problems with diverse cultures. On the other hand the listening passage reports that it never helps. It should be before the deadline. Every cultures does not have this kind of ability, may be Japans. Americans always want to decide by themselves. So, this information does not help. This refutes the last claim of reading passage.

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