In this set of materials, the reading passage mainly focuses on traditional voting system is should be replaced by computerized voting system because it could be more efficient and reliable, while the listening material casts doubt notions stressed in the reading passage.

  • Voting accidentally

   First of all, the reading argues that one of the so crucial problem about traditional voting method is that people can vote accidentally for the wrong candidate lots of time. On the other hand, the listening passage reports that it may be true but computerized voting system will not be better. Some people can use it easily and it is OK for them but what about people who hastroubles to use computer very well. They can easily vote for wrong candidate. It can be problem. This refutes the first claim of reading passage.

  • Human based mistakes

   In the second place, the reading states that another vital problem about the traditional method is that a lot of people works for counting votes and they can do mistakes. Contrary to these claims, the listening reports that it is true that human can do mistakes but it is not true computer never does because computers are also products of humans. In addition, if a computer system makes a mistake, it could be more serious than humans does. Thousands of votes can remove. It is not a physical error and not replaceable. This refutes the second claim of reading the passage.

  • Meaningless software scares

   Last but not least, the reading contends that some people say it is risky to implement a software to for this kind of crucial job but we are already using this kind of applications in our daily life. On the other hand, the listening passage reports that we are using it in the banks, for example, but it has improved day by day and it proved it is reliable. In addition to this, we use it just 1 times in every 2 years. It is hard to believe that it is sufficient  to determine all votes without errors. This refutes the last claim of the reading passage.

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