In this set of materials, the reading passage mainly focuses that vacation during school year can be beneficial for education for students while the listening material casts doubt notions stressed in the reading passage.

  • Gain new perspectives

   First of all, the reading passage argues that it is so crucial for students that visiting new places and see different cultures. On the other hand, the listening reports that they need to catch up missing subjects and study harder for it later. Its disadvantages overweigh its advantages. This refutes the first claim of reading passage.

  • Paying more attention on lectures

   In the second place, the reading passage states that student’s attention toward lectures can increase in this way. On the other hand, the listening passage reports that this relaxing can be dangerous. They cannot adapt school works easily. They may be bored in the school and their attention may reduce. They can even disturb other students in this period. This refutes the second claim of reading passage.

  • Good for teachers

   Last but not least, the reading passage contends that they can help teachers in multiple ways after traveling. On the other hand, the listening passage reports that teachers have a yearly lesson plan. They prepare it day by day and they know what to do intoday before the class. If a few students try to express their experiments about their traveling, they will probably spend a lot of time. It is also not good for others because they have lesser time in the class. It is not fair. This refutes the last claim of reading passage.

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