Importance of Tour Guides     

Traveling is so crucial for human nature. Some people prefer being free during travel but it is a fact that having a tour guide is more benefical. This is because of mainly three reasons which are better explanations, spending less time and more relaxing.

  • Experience

First of all, a tour guide probably visits his touristic places hundreds of times before us. He likely reads a lot of books about there. So, he has huge amount of knowledge about the touristic area. He can say key points to understand real meaning of place better. For example, I have been in the Istanbul several times. I was just looking palaces, towers and castles but I had no idea about what is the point. From my perspective the buildings were just stone. After that, I have visited with a tour guide. He explained history of buildings and told some stories about them. He also helped me to figure out importance of architecture of buildings. I am really impressed. It is clear that we can miss key points without a tour guide.

  • Time Saver

In the second place, a famous proverb says that: “time is cash” in my country. I don’t have enough time to make a schedule because I have limited time after job. I want to spend my time with my family. It doesn’t make sense waste my time with this kind jobs. Tour guides are professionals. I just pay them and they will service me with the best way.

  • Focus on fun

Last but not least, I have a stressful work place. Vacations are pretty special times in order to get rid of stress.  I have limited time to travel and it should be perfect. I don’t want care about something except having fun. A tour guide can make all the organization and I worry about just entertainment. In addition, if something go wrong like illness or accident situations, a person who knows local procedures, hospitals or primacies can be helpful.

  • Fully Beneficial

All in all, although some people want to be free, being with a tour guide has more advantageous. So, if have to choose, I definitely prefer being with a tour guide because he knows key point, I don’t have time and more enjoyable.

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